A-1 Concrete Grinding

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Hiring the right person can make all the difference in any project. My site will guide you through several commercial and residential projects I have done, as well as the services I offer and other important information.

I hope you will find useful information in this site about my business and I look forward to working with you.
               We ELIMINATE all trip hazards due to UNEVEN and or RAISED concrete.  We offer a relitivly new solution to your concrete problems, whether they be the GRINDING!!! of concrete or MUDJACKING!!!! also known as CONCRETE RAISING!!!  

                    Mission Statement

My business is dedicated to providing superior service to all of my customers. I believe my customers are the most important part of my business now and in the future.

My address: 

A-1 Concrete Grinding 
PO Box 354
Fairmont, MN 56031
(877) 454-0113 (toll free)
(507) 236-3250 
 or email:


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